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Christmas Playwriting Festival 2020

In 2019 Attic Productions held its second annual Christmas Playwriting Contest. This year we are presenting the winning plays virtually. Click on a title to view the production.

Our final production is "Baxter," written by Olivia Matthews and performed by the Hoagland family.

Our first offering is "One Word Christmas Carol," written by Dwayne Yancey, directed by Sally Miller, and performed by the Attic youth actors.

Our second winning play is "Jessica's Day Off," written by Nancy Gall-Clayton, directed by Katerina Yancey, and performed by Nancy Lawrence and Teresa Killen.

Play #3 is Azzmetta Abbington's Mistletoe Meatballs, written by John Weagly, directed by Wyatt Ewell, and performed by Marsha Campbell, Steven Aaron,and Audrey Campbell.

Play #4 is Playing with Fired, written by Steven Hayet, directed by Katerina Yancey, and performed by Emily Williams, Bobby Guill, and Gene Marrano.

Our fifth production is Oy Vey Maria, written by Mark Harvey Levine, directed by Katerina Yancey, and performed by Katerina Yancey, Heather Sexton, Wyatt Ewell and others.

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