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"Consider Yourself - Well In" 

Thank you to everyone who auditioned for this summer's production of Lionel Bart's "Oliver!" We are so excited to add Mandy Masching as Dance Captain and to announce the cast:

Oliver - Declan Knox

Mr. Bumble - Joe Kavanaugh

Widow Corney - Heather Sexton

Mr. Sowerberry - Steve Knox

Mrs. Sowerberry - Grace Moore

Charlotte - Raevien Claighborne

Noah Claypole - James Knox

Fagin - Bob Toven

Artful Dodger - Emery Groth

Charlie Bates - Judah Groth

Nancy - Maddy Wurth

Bet - Annelise Campbell

Bill Sykes - Chris Shepherd

Mr. Brownlow - Wyatt Ewell

Dr. Grimwig -  Chris Reidy

Mrs. Bedwin  - Emily Parfitt

Old Sally - Beverly Amsler

Matron - Cathy Clubb

Tavern Keeper - Hugh Wellons

Rose Seller - Mandy Masching

Strawberry Seller - Jaye Harvey Wellons


Ensemble (which includes some unassigned featured roles)

Charlie Villiers, Lydia Clubb, Hannah Clubb, 

Abby Bjorklund, Elena Preston, Clara Preston, Ailidh Knox, Meara Knox, Joy Knox, Eden Groth, Calla Groth, Lela Brown, Selene Kelley, Moriah Bremner, Sarah Bremner, Caleb  Bremner, Eli Bremner, Veronica Helms, Josie Ingrassia, Annabelle Vargas, Eva  Campbell, Faith Campbell, McKenzie Honts, Jenn Brady, Ashley Kamplain, Poppy Folk

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