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The D. Geraldine Lawson Performing Arts Center

On February 22, 1945 a star was born in Wise County, Virginia. For 61 years, D. Geraldine Lawson burned brightly in the lives of her family, her community, and her church. 

Each person that came into contact with this star was touched by her love, her compassion, and her willingness to give everything she had to better the lives of those around her. That willingness was most often seen in the lives of her children, her grandchildren, her mother, and her beloved husband for whom she willingly and eagerly sacrificed to make their lives better. 

The legacy she leaves behind is a legacy of stars. Geraldine was first a mother and a grandmother. She spent her life taking care of her husband, children and her grandchildren. She was always willing to graciously open her home to any who also needed a mother.

Geraldine founded, was president and executive director of Attic Productions, Botetourt County's community theater. The Attic will forever be a shining beacon of stars that will continue to touch the lives of many around the world, much like Geraldine touched all the lives she came into contact with. Even though our precious star has left us, her brightness will continue to shine throughout eternity. You see, a star was born in heaven on October 2, 2006, and that star's name is D. Geraldine Lawson.

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